Preparing our road trip, destination: Italy

Hi guys!

It took me again a long time to prepare everything, but i did it. Finally!
We’re going to do a road trip in Italy. Let’s start from the beginning.

I went to Rome with my best friend a couple of months ago without Seth, who was really sad that he couldn’t make it to the trip. Before my trip to Rome, Kiss and her mom also visited the city along with Naples. Not so long ago, Seth and I were talking about going on a trip somewhere and then we came up with the idea of doing a road trip. Since we thought that a road trip may be too expensive, we were very hesitant on whether we’d be able to afford it but with our determination and after a few discussions we decided to plan it at all costs (literally) so let me wrap it up a bit for you:

  • Who:
    ° Isn’t a trip way more fun with your family where you can also make your moms happy? so in this trip we’ll be 5: Kiss, Seth, Pao, and the moms (Pao’s mom and Kiss & Seth’s mom)
  • Where:
    ° After thinking about a couple of countries (Croatia, Greece,etc..) We all picked the one we previously fell in love with: Italy. Picking italy as our destination was easy, but now comes the planning which will take place in the northern part of the country. P.s. don’t forget to take a look everyday on instagram or our blog, because we will be discovering a city almost everyday.

Now the question you’ve all been waiting for:

  • How ?
    ° Well, planning a road trip or any trip for that matter is pretty hard, not only do you have to decide where you’re going but also how long you will stay, what you will eat, visit etc,…
    ° First thing first, duration:
    • We leave for only 10 days. Our plan is to visit everyday a different city/place along with a 2 « rest » days that will be probably at a beach. We already organised the details and the hours in which we’ll be on the road. We ‘ll arrive by plane to Milan which is also where our return flight will be but the rest of the trip will be done by car. <Side note: About the car… We went through a lot of trouble to find a good one which fits 5 people and which doesn’t cost much. Almost every rental company we searched was a scam. We searched tirelessly everyday until we stumbled upon Sicily by Car.> So the only tip I can give you; be very patient and you’ll find everything.
    • Now about the money. Let’s say: we booked the plane tickets, the car, the 3 different Airbnb‘s because we’re moving in the country, we’ll have to stay in different places for 10 days in at least 15 different cities and divided the total of the three things by 5 people which became €230/person. Crazy right?
    We will do the exact same thing for the food and the visits. one of us will pay and keep all the bills and at the end of the trip, everyone will pay his/her part.

Also, Seth and I bought a Sony action camera almost like a go pro but so much better to film everything we visit in Italy. You can already follow our new Youtube Channel.
And of course, keep an eye on the blog/youtube channel because we’re going to post a fun video about the camp with the kids, far from the city.





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