15 cities of Italy in 10 days

Hi guys!

It’s been a long looooong time that I haven’t written anything but so many changes were happening and i was sooo so busy (that’s like my only excuse lol). Anyway, I’ll show you what we saw in Italy, so you don’t have to visit it anymore, or so that you do even more actually.

FYI: if I detail every single thing, the article will be longer than a bible so i’ll keep it short and let you enjoy the pictures 🙂

We landed in Milan, from there we took a car to start our road trip. We had a lot of trouble getting the car, we lost an hour or two AND had to pay 400€ extra for a car we never initially wanted. The only time we lost basically was at the airport whereas the rest of the trip went (almost) fluently.
The first day we saw Sirmione, Lac of Garda. Then we went to Verona and at the end of the day we went to our first Airbnb. A cosy house, somewhere close to Bologna, Monterenzio. Completely lost from the world, there was no WI-FI (lol). But the thing more horrible than no wifi was the bunch of insects over there.
Oh, almost forgot… There was a dog too. And since I’m scared of dogs, all I did was run from the car to my room back and forth. (click on the pictures to see in a bigger size)

The next morning we had this cute little breakfast that the house owner had made for us, really adorable!

We then went to the beautiful Venice, and of course Burano. it was so beautiful that only pictures (right below) will give its right value

The next morning was like a déja vu. Again, with the cute breakfast only this time we went climbing in the mountains of San Marino which didn’t match at all with the weather. We were literally dying eventhough in the end it was so worth it. After that hardcore day we still had a couple of hours to finally see Bologna.
Here I have something important to say. I really REALLY thought that Bologna wouldn’t be pretty or interesting which is why I hadn’t really made a plan/routine when we got there. But I was completely wrong (for the first time…..) I really had the feeling that it was the prettiest city among all the other cities in Italy that we’ve visited.

But there’s so much more!

That evening we moved to the next Airbnb, which was between Firenze and Pisa tower. More precisely in Montopoli in Val d’Arno, a cute little town. We all fell asleep, but oh god.. there was a church just in front of the house, so every morning we woke up because of the clock striking so loudly and so many times. Not only that but there were also so many motorcycles the whooooole damn night, we just couldn’t sleep. It was hell. But at least we had the whole house for ourselves.

After a long hardcore night, we had a nice breakfast and went to Firenze. It was really annoying because we couldn’t find a parking (we lost a lot of time looking for parkings in almost every city). The weather was too warm and since we were all super-tired and sleep deprived we only saw Firenze for like an hour or two and headed directly to the supermarket where we bought delicious sweet wine, spaghetti, to head home and cook some italian food.


We laughed a lot that day, prooobably because of the wine… In the evening we went to the Pisa tower. Honestly I was shocked that it looked so little in real life. I imagined it so huge. So I was disappointed haha.

The next day we went to the beach, Tirennia to relax a little bit. Everyone was tired especially Seth. He was actually the only one who could drive around Italians (because they can’t drive well at all..) so He really needed some rest.

That same evening we looked for another beach and we found one which was like 2 hours away from home, but soooo so worth it. It’s called Cala Civette, once we found a parking, we had to walk 10minutes to the beach. And once we got there, we understood that there was two different beaches, one where you had full of tourists and another one where you had to walk on rocks, go trough water and whatever to come somewhere completely lost with noone in sight except for a couple of people. SO, only Seth and I went there (we even filmed it for you! Soon on our Youtube Channel).
After that we rode to Val d’Orcia, it was 3 hours away from the beach and from there it was like 3-4 hours from home. It’s a fact that I AM very proud and thankful of Seth who drove so much to keep us all happy!!!! Val d’Orcia was b r ea t h ta k in g. I can’t find the right words for this, it was more than magical. (We took pictures just were the Gladiator scene was filmed too.) I could stay there forever.

Cala Civette
Cala Civette
Val D’orcia

Cinqueterre was the next place destination. It was also colorful and all of that, but gosh, too many tourists!!! And again, you couldn’t stay 5 minutes under the sun with that weather. I didn’t have the energy at all. We ended up not going to one of the places, because it was all climbing mountains etc. but I do regret it now so it’s on my to do list again!

The last place we went was Milan. This time our Airbnb was in a good place, very calm and cosy + close to the center by car! Anyway, what we did in Milan was more shopping than being tourists. 
It was a good experience to go with the two families. But if you really want to enjoy it don’t go in july or august. It. Was. Extremely. Hot. Only the beach days were amazing with that weather!!!!

Now I’m 100% sure that I’ll live there.



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