A regular sweater and leather pants

Hi y’all!!!

I bought this purple sweater because I immediately fell in love with it when I saw it in the store. And kept looking at it everyday in my closet thinking « I’ll wear this probably tomorrow », after two months I’m finally wearing it thank god.
The same story goes actually for the leather pants, but that was more something like « With what can I wear this actually? »

I really realized that I have an issue, buying a lot of things without thinking with what I could combine them. To « challenge » myself sounds literally like I’m doing the hardest job in the world, after my two-months-of-struggle I decided to combine the two items together. Also the hardest decision ever.
By the way, I didn’t had the time to think about the jacket, so I grabbed immediately the first one I saw in my closet. lol

Well, it’s showtime!!!

(click on the pictures to see full size)


That moment when I realized that I love chicken so much



Shop my look:
pants: ASOS
shoes: Vans
purse: Mango
sweater: Mango

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